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Curriculum Vitae of Jan Haen

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Jan Haen was born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands in 1944, the second in a family with four children. His father Wim Haen (employed by Philips) and his mother Dini Haen-Schalken were sent to South Africa in 1953. This move would determine Jan's life and colour it. He found his way within the multicultural South African society. Breaking down barriers, giving people new perspectives, enabling people to dream of a better future, wasn't in the picture at initially. Why black children did not play with white children? But the first of many laws of racial discrimination were only five years in place at that time. The Dutch word "Apartheid" was literally adopted by most spoken languages.

As he grew up in South Africa he was confronted more and more by Apartheid. He chose to become a catholic priest. He joined the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists), a congregation which broke apartheid laws right from the start, by accepting members of all races into its midst.

Meanwhile family Haen had returned to Holland. But Jan training for the priesthood remained in South Africa. In those days he lived in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. In 1964 he left for England. He studied philosophy and theology at the major seminary , St. Joseph's College, Hawkstone Hall, Shropshire. He was ordained a redemptorist priest there in the 31st August 1969. He did a practical pastoral year as assistant in the english language parish of The Haque, Netherlands. As a result he had more contact with his parents and brother and sisters.

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In 1970 Jan returned to South Africa. He became student-chaplain at the University of Pretoria. He studied there also, psychology, sociology and history of art. On a recent visit to the monastery where he lived at that time, and which has now been taken over by the university, he discovered that his former room had become the student ANC office. Following the completion of his studies, he was employed as secretary to the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference, for the Laity Commission, the department of Social Welfare, and National Vocations Director. In 1977-1978 he was also parish priest of Thlabane.

In 1978 Jan was no longer welcome in South Africa. He went back to the Netherlands where the only people he knew were his parents, brother and sisters and a few confreres. He became chaplain in the Royal Netherlands Navy. He spent much time at sea, but was also stationed from 1980-1982 in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. From 1983-1985 he was attached to the Military Pastoral Centre in Amersfoort and from 19901993 he was chaplain to the Military hospital in Utrecht. With permission of the navy he was for a short while also study secretary for the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference in Harare, and for a short while he acting secretary for the World Federation for Catholic Youth in Brussels, Belgium.

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Meanwhile he continued studying. In 1981 he obtained his master degree in Irenology at the Susan B. Anthony University, Missouri, USA, with the thesis, "A question of Loyalties- the Military chaplain and the armed forces in the Netherlands." In 1987 he followed a course in International Safety at the Netherlands Institute for International Affairs, Clingendael, in The Haque. In 1990 he completed the course in Pastoral Clinical Training at the Radboud University Hospital in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
From 1994 Jan was able to pursue his love for art.

Jan has drawn and painted throughout his life. His personal work has been represented in various exhibitions. In 2002 for instance he held an exhibition of his painted crosses at Gallery Ruach, in The Haque.

He has exhibited drawings in the Kapel Centre, Roermond. On returning to South Africa on a visit in 1994 the desire to make art with people rather then for people, developed into "collaboration art". Projects gives an overall view of the many places where Jan with (often) many people exercised this art form.

For 25 years Jan has provided illustration for various magazines, especially for "In de Peiling", a publication of the Navy Chaplaincy Service.


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